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President Barrow optimistic for unprecedented successes under NPP

President Adama Barrow


President Adama Barrow is optimistic that, with the necessary programmes, National People’s Party (NPP), together with the nation will register unprecedented successes in future.

“With the necessary programmes that respond to the needs of the Gambian community, there is no doubt that the National People’s Party, and the entire Gambian nation will register unprecedented successes in the years ahead.”

He said the successes will be attainable, if his newly launched party is given the mandate at 2021 election to translate the proposals in its manifesto into action.

The NPP leader expressed this optimism during his marathon speech at the launch of the National People’s Party yesterday.

The president on behalf of NPP admitted that the responsibility to propel growth, development and progress of a nation, rests on the leadership, by satisfying the essentials of social life through well-established and functional institutions.

Barrow believed the growth, and progress of a nation has to come about through efficient management and judicious use of the resources that are available.

The then little-known Adama Barrow gained presidency through the Coalition 2016 marking end to the 22 year rule of former President Jammeh infamous for alleged human rights violations. But in 2019, Barrow formed the NPP he launched yesterday, after a fallout with some party members of the coalition. The rest is history.

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