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Heavy Rain Causes Flood In Some Parts Of Gambia

Images of the floods at the Manjai Bridge

By Buba Gagigo

Flood have hit many communities in the Gambia due to a 2-day continual heavy rain.

In Ebo Town, children said to be returning home from a local Islamic school were caught up in the floods, while struggling their way out, a video footage showed this weekend. 

A man filming the scene said: “You have all seen this (flood). Former President (Jammeh) had promised us, but nothing. We are pleading with (President) Adama Barrow to help us. President Barrow, you came here twice during the campaign and promised us, but we didn’t see anything. During ‘Meet The People Tour’, we didn’t even see you. Why still the promise and failed? And you win here 100%. We are not requesting a lot, what we want is good roads and waterways.”

In Nema Wasulung Kunda, a man is heard in a video saying: “We’re doing this video for the government to help us. Evey year, we face the same problem. We are pleading for the government to help. We are all tired. We couldn’t sleep, since yesterday.”

Another footage showed the house of a prominent journalist, Sally Jeng collapsed due to the flood that affect the compound in Brufut.

At least a compound in Farato Nema is also affected by the floods.

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