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PPP’s Kebba Jallow Accused President Barrow Of Not Fulfilling Their Agreements 

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Kebba Jallow, Party Leader of People’s Progressive Party (PPP)

By Fatou Sillah 

In a WhatsApp audio acquired by Kerr Fatou, Kebba Jallow, the Party Leader of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) could be heard accusing President Adama Barrow of not fulfilling the agreement he had with them.

“We have seen documents that show that our coalition partners, NPP, APRC and NRP joined to put up candidates for the upcoming local government elections. We had our agreements with President Barrow, but he did not fulfill those agreements. We should try to do our best to campaign to make sure that we have the PPP back on its feet,” the PPP leader said in the audio message.

He also revealed that his party will be contesting the upcoming Local Government Elections 

“We will put up candidates for many seats. If we have one seat or more, that will be our foundation to go to the state house in the next election. PPP has always been consistent since before independence. We have been doing coalition, but some people refuse to stand by their words. We have been there since 2016, they did not add us. I want to tell you all that PPP will stand on its own. We will not stand on behalf of the coalition,” he stressed.

Mr. Jallow also encourages his party supporters to unite and support the party during the upcoming Local Government Elections.

“For this upcoming local government elections, the party had a meeting and we agreed to put up candidates. I went round the country, and I have some candidates in some parts. I want you all to know. We should try and unite to support our candidates to make sure that we have a good campaign so that we can be victorious. 

“If we are going out, we should go out in large numbers, to make sure we present what people expect from us, that we are the founding party of this country. The first party to have a president, that’s our party. What PPP have; no party has that. What PPP can do; no party can do that. On the 7th of February, any candidate that wants to contest should fill in a form and submit it so that we can make our assessment and choose.  

Hon. Kebba Jallow made these remarks after the National People’s Party (NPP) revealed the National Reconciliation Party (NRP) and Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and construction (APRC) as their partners for the upcoming Local Government Elections.

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