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Gambia Set To Join International Civil Defense Organization

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Executive Director, NDMA Sanna Dahaba, with the delegates from Geneva 

By Ramatoulie Jawo

The National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA), at a press conference earlier today, January 25, 2023, announced that the Republic of the Gambia is set to join the International Civil Defense Organization (ICDO).

The International Civil Defense is an Inter-governmental Organisation whose objective is to contribute to the development of states by supporting state structures, ensuring the protection and assistance of the population, and safeguarding property, and the environment in the face of natural and man-made disasters.

Speaking at the presser, the Executive Director of the National Disaster Management Agency, Sanna Dahaba, said no country, alone, is prepared enough to respond to disaster whenever it happens.

Mr. Dahaba said it was based on this realization that his institution (NDMA) wanted to form a partnership and alliance with the International Civil Defense Organization (ICDO).

“The benefits that we can get from The International Civil Defense Organization are innermost ones. They can provide technical assistance to countries that are affected by disasters. In addition to that again, they can provide equipment and also even support the entire disaster management circle about Preparedness, mitigation response, and recovery,” he said. 

Mr. Dahaba stated that he is looking forward to seeing the Gambia be part of the International Civil Defense Organization to benefit from the services that ICDO can render to the country.

“We see ICDO what they are doing in other countries. So, if the Gambia can benefit from that kind of assistance in terms of supporting our capacity able to respond quickly, more timely, and accurately to disasters, I think that will be a plus for the Gambia. This way, the NDMA invited the ICDO so that they can come and meet the authorities so that Gambia can be a member,” He revealed.

The Secretary General of the International Civil Defense Organization, Mariatou N. Yap highlights the aims of her organization.

“The main aim of the International Civil Defense Organization is to accompany its member states to develop their national system of civil protection. In this matter, we notice that no country can be really prepared to face all kinds of emergencies. Sometimes emergencies disaster disasters talk about our disaster, it means that the community who are being touched has insufficient means to face the situation and needs help from other communities. In this way, we think is better to bring together African countries to share their resources,” she said.

Madam Yap further stated that she is Optimistic that before their return to Geneva, Gambia would be part of the International Civil Defense Organization.

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