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PPP Leader Calls on President Barrow to Promote Peace & Unity in Public Addresses

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Kebba E Jallow, Secretary-General and Party Leader, PPP

By Buba Gagigo

Kebba E Jallow, Secretary-General and Party Leader of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), has urged President Adama Barrow to prioritize the promotion of peace and unity in his public statements.

Expressing his concerns, Jallow emphasized the importance of the President’s words in fostering social cohesion and harmony within the nation. He highlighted President Barrow’s past commitment to these values during his 2021 campaign, which garnered widespread support from Gambians.

“With great concern, I am writing to urge the president to make nurturing peace and unity a priority in his public remarks. The impact of his words cannot be understated when it comes to fostering social cohesion and harmony in our nation. One of the most notable strengths, and a crucial element of his 2021 campaign, was his unwavering focus on promoting peace, unity, and stability. Many Gambians rallied behind him because of his steadfast commitment to these values and his peaceful message of unity,” he said in a statement shared with Kerr Fatou.

As the head of state, Jallow emphasized the necessity for President Barrow to acknowledge the weight of his public statements, especially concerning political opponents. He stressed that the president’s words possess the power to either unite or further polarize society, shaping the course of national discourse.

Jallow urged President Barrow to champion the principles of peace and unity, emphasizing their importance in guiding the nation toward a future characterized by collaboration and mutual respect, particularly during these challenging times.

“The weight of your words can greatly influence the direction of our nation, shaping the public discourse and either bridging the divides or deepening them. As a political leader, I am deeply concerned about the potential ramifications of your recent pronouncements (statements). Your words hold great weight and have the power to either unite or polarise our society. In these challenging times, I implore the president to champion the principles of peace and unity. By doing so, he can help guide our nation toward a future marked by collaboration and mutual respect,” he said.

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) was part of President Adama Barrow’s coalition during the 2021 presidential election before their separation during the local government election.

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