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SSHFC Board and Subsidiaries Meeting: Strategic Discussions, Financial Performance, and Dividend Payments Forge Path to Sustainable Growth

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Members of the Social Security Housing Finance Cooperation Board Members

Press Release

The Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC) Board on Saturday 24th of February 2024 hosted a comprehensive meeting at the Ocean Bay Hotel in Bakau, dedicated to strategic discussions, financial performance analysis, dividend payments and future planning of its subsidiaries. The event commenced with opening remarks From Mr. Oreme Joiner, Chairman of the SSHFC Board, underscoring the significance of collaborative efforts in achieving organizational goals with an emphasis on dividend payments to the parent company-i.e., SSHFC. Attendees which comprised of Board Chairpersons from the subsidiaries, their Chief Executive Officers and the Director of Finance attended this maiden event.
Directors of Finance from the various subsidiaries delivered presentations on financial performance, covering aspects such as revenue generation, expenditure management, and strategies for enhancing profitability and dividend payment to SSHFC. Participants engaged in discussions, analyzing key financial metrics and trends to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. SSHFC Chairman, Mr. Oreme Joiner, conveyed to the assembly his anticipation for the subsidiaries to amplify their performance, ensuring fulfilment of obligations to SSHFC and all stakeholders. CEOs of subsidiaries provided updates on operational activities, highlighting achievements and challenges encountered in their respective domains. Through candid discussions, attendees identified obstacles and explored potential solutions to enhance operational efficiency and address emerging challenges. Opportunities for improvement and growth strategies were also discussed to pave the way for sustainable development.
Expectations from the SSHFC Board and subsidiaries were articulated, outlining the desired performance standards and strategic alignment necessary for organizational success. Subsidiary leaders presented future plans and initiatives aimed at driving innovation and expanding the corporation’s reach. The focus remained on fostering a forward-looking approach to sustain growth and meet evolving market demands for optimum value for shareholders.
In closing, a summary of key points discussed was presented, emphasizing the significance of the deliberations and the collective efforts required to achieve shared objectives. Mr. Joiner delivered the closing remarks, expressing gratitude for their active participation and reaffirming the corporation’s commitment to pursuing excellence in all endeavours.
The meeting served as a pivotal platform for strategic alignment, fostering collaboration, and laying the groundwork for future initiatives. As SSHFC continues to uphold its commitment to excellence, such gatherings play an integral role in driving sustainable growth and ensuring stakeholder satisfaction, especially in terms of dividend payments.

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