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Police Detain 30 Suspected of Planning Unauthorized Migration Via ‘Back-Way’

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Detainees apprehended by the Police.

By Ramatoulie Jawo 

The Gambia Police Force, in a press statement dated April 8th, 2024, disclosed the arrest of 30 people suspected of engaging in unauthorized irregular migration activities.

The statement detailed that the Charlie Company of the Police Intervention Unit detained the group, which included three women and an infant aged six months, in the vicinity of Denton Bridge, known locally as “Kaamaalo.” The group was reportedly preparing to undertake the perilous back-way journey.

The police swiftly intervened, capturing those hiding in the mangroves and attempting to board a vessel, while others fled at the sight of law enforcement.

“In a swift response, the police arrested individuals found within the mangroves, some embarking on a boat, while others dispersed upon seeing the police,” they wrote.

The statement concluded with a call to action, encouraging communities and individuals to unite in fostering legal and compassionate migration practices that prioritize the well-being and rights of all individuals.

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