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Njie “Ponkal” named in several executions denies culpability


Babucarr Njie, former bodyguard to Sanna Sabally, appears before the Commission on Monday but he denied any wrongdoing despite the fact that he was mentioned as participant in several executions on November 11, 1994.

Babucarr Njie, a soldier nicknamed Njie Ponkal who has been implicated by several witnesses for being involved in November 11, 1994 execution of soldiers, claimed he was not involved in any execution.

On November 11, close to two dozen Gambian soldiers accused of planning a coup against the 1994 coup leaders were captured and executed.

Former president Yahya Jammeh was accused of calling the shots, orders that were reportedly executed by Sanna Sabally.

Njie who was a bodyguard to Sanna and was named by several witnesses as being part of the killings said he has no knowledge.

“I have not witnessed where soldiers are being executed nor have I participated in it…,” Njie said of executions at Fajara Barracks, Yundum and in Nyambai Forest.

Previous witnesses placed Njie in all execution grounds. However, Njie admitted to dragging a detainee at Mile 2 and also torturing one person who obstructed the convoy of Sanna.

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