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Barrow Says Gambians Already Decided To Re-elect Him

President Adama Barrow
National People’s Party leader

By Landing Ceesay 

The National People’s Party (NPP) leader, President Adama Barrow upon his return to the State House from the nationwide presidential election campaign in the rural Gambia said Gambians have already decided to re-elect him. 

“The reception is very good. The Gambians have spoken loud and clear that they want to continue with President Barrow. I think throughout the tour it was outstanding that people have appreciated what we have been doing for the past four-five years. I think the Gambians have finally decided from today. But we will still continue with the campaign. We are very aggressive. We want to gather more support in every corner. But this is the first leg, and we will start the second leg on Tuesday (Tomorrow). I am very proud of Gambians for their support definitely; I am a very happy man today. 

“I have a lot of focus but my main focus and direction on anything everybody knows is infrastructural development. Because without infrastructure, you cannot develop your country. If you want to develop the health sector there must be infrastructure. If you want to develop energy there must be infrastructure. Economic growth there must be infrastructure. So infrastructural development is everything, and I will continue my infrastructural development for this country. And I think the people are appreciating it,” President Barrow told journalists last night at the State House. 

The Gambian President is seeking a second term in the December 4 Presidential Election. He would lock horns with his former Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs,  Ousainu ANM Darboe of the United Democratic Party (UDP), the National Assembly Member for Serekunda, Halifa Sallah of the People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS), the former National Assembly Member for Jimara, Mama Kandeh of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), the former Director of The Gambia Civil Aviation Authority, Abdoulie Ebrima Jammeh of the National Unity Party (NUP) and the former lead counsel of the Truth, Reconciliation, and Reparations Commission (TRRC), Essa Mbye Faal, independent candidate. 

The NPP leader and entourage would have a rest today for the presidential campaign; but would resume tomorrow until 2 days before the election when campaign would end.

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