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We are at a crossroad again

Salieu Taal
President Gambia Bar Association

In 2016 we voted out tyranny and voted for change through the coalition 2016. As a people, we collectively stood up against dictatorship and ensured that our votes and voices counted. #GambiaHasDecided was our collective voice and defiance against tyranny. As Gambians we were united under one voice against the 22 year dictatorship purely driven by love for country and desire to restore the dignity of the sovereign people of the Gambians. In 2020 barely four years down the road, our destiny and the future of generations of Gambians is once again at stake. Our 2020 draft constitution is the peoples constitution,the constitution that is the culmination of the voices of diverse Gambians from the length and breath of our country and the diaspora, is about to be rejected by some of the very NAMS we elected. The same NAMS who swore to serve the supreme interest of our country. It is despicable and unpatriotic for any NAM to reject our peoples constitution purely for the purpose of perpetuating and consolidating the same system that relegated the freedoms,power and dignity of our people .

A system anchored on a constitution that made a President a demigod with unrestrained executive powers. This is the 1997 Constitution, the constitution which remains the supreme law of the land and remained untouched barring few self serving amendments. Citizens brace yourself for the possibility of going to the 2021 election with the same 1997 Constitution that was used an instrument to perpetuate tyranny and dictatorship.
Is this the #GambiaWeDecided ? Is this the #GambiaWeWant ? Is your NAM acting in the supreme national interest? #GambiansWakeUp #EngageYourNam
Concerned Citizen
For The Gambia Our Homeland

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