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Dominic Mendy: CA party is the unquestionable political course of change in The Gambia

Dominic Mendy Interim Leader Citizen’s Alliance
Dominic Mendy Interim Leader Citizen’s Alliance

By Arfang M.S. Camara

Dominic Mendy, the chairman and leader of Citizen’s Alliance (CA) praised the new party as the “unquestionable political course of change” in The Gambia, arguing that it comes to bring solutions to the underdeveloped problems in The Gambia.

Mr. Mendy was speaking Friday during their party’s press conference held at the Paradise Suite hotel in Kololi.

According to official information, CA was founded “on the ideals of democracy, civil liberties, social cohesion and social justice”, and a response to the country’s “desperate need for a new and effective political leadership.”

Mr. Mendy told journalists that CA was created as a result of concerns by citizens of The Gambia for their welfare and development.

“We are a party that has recognized The Gambia as a sovereign state that has been in existence since 1965 and has been ruled by three governments. We also recognized like every other citizens of the country that we have had false start in development despite of what may numerically be constituted as interesting economic growth rate, Gambia still continues to languish in poverty and deprivation,” he said.

According to Mendy, what a The Gambia now needs are people with solutions who can deliver and sustain development, as well as change in the quality of the life of people.

“The difference Citizen’s Alliance party will bring in the Gambia is unique solutions that will transform the lives of the people, using the people themselves because we all know that capacity exists in the country for that to be done we need to engage the Gambian people,” he said

Mendy also announced that CA will hold its maiden congress in Brikama in June to elect flag-bearer and other executive members.

Other speakers include Alhagie Suso, the Secretary General, Raffie Diab, the Fundraising Chair and Neneh Freda Gomez, a member.

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