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Kitabou Says Essa Faal Is The Only Candidate Who Can Rescue Gambia


Former independent presidential aspirant who endorsed Essa Mbye Faal

By Buba Gagigo

Kitabou Fatty of Team Essa Mbye Faal has said that The Gambia is going into a hole and Essa Mbye Faal is the only candidate who can avert that from happening.

“When we were electing him (President Barrow), he said he cannot do it. He said there are people who will help him. Those people did not help him, and he could not do it. We are now going into a hole, I sometimes said we are going into a well and only one person can help us and that is Essa Mbye Faal,” Kitabou Fatty told supporters of the independent candidate at a rally in Jarra Soma on Sunday.

Kitabou Fatty was speaking to team Essa Mbaye Faal supporters in the Lower River Region commercial settlement.

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