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“Kumba Sinyan Told Me She Killed Her Boyfriend” PW2 Tells Court 

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Kumba Sinyan arriving at the high court on Monday 5th December, 2022.

By Landing Ceesay 

Pa Momodou Jeng, the Second Prosecution Witness (PW2), said Kumba Sinyan (the Accused), on the night of the murder, told him that she killed her boyfriend (Momodou Lamarana Jallow). 

Pa Momodou Jeng, a resident of Bakoteh appeared before Justice Sidi K Jobarteh at the High Court of the Gambia as the Second Prosecution Witness (PW2) in the murder case involving Kumba Sinyan (the accused). 

Kumba Sinyan is charged with murder contrary to section 187 of Criminal Code Cap: 10:01 Revised Laws of the Gambia 2009. 

Prosecutors alleged that the suspect on or about the 14th of September 2022 at The Friendship Hostel in Bakau, with malice aforethought, caused the death of one Lamarana Jallow by cutting his stomach with an object and thereby committed an offense punishable with death under section 188 of the Criminal Code Cap of the Laws of the Gambia 2009.

PW2 told the court that she is a friend of Kumba Sinyan (the accused) and that they were neighbors in Fajara South. 

PW2 testified that on the night of the incident, Kumba Sinyan (the accused), called him at 11 pm or thereafter and asked him (PW2) to go to the stadium to pick her (the accused) up or send someone.

PW2 testified that he was around Kotu with two of his friends when Kumba Sinyan (the accused) called him that night.

PW2 said he inquired of the accused what she was doing at the Independence Stadium at that time of the night, but the accused (Kumba Sinyan) didn’t answer and insisted that he should just go and pick her up from that location. 

“She (Kumba Sinyan) then told me that when I am coming, I should pass through the back door. I asked her again what she was doing at the stadium, but she refused to answer, insisting that I should just go and pick her up. I told her that I need to know before I will come over. I insisted that she should tell me, the reason why I should pick her up before I will show up. At this point, she (Kumba Sinyan) hung up the call. After a few minutes, I called her again. This was when she (Kumba Sinyan) told me that she killed her boyfriend (Momodou Lamarana Jallow),” the witness told the Court. 

PW2 told the court he didn’t believe what the accused (Kumba Sinyan) was saying and thought she might be making up a story to see her at her mum’s.

PW2 further informed the court that after that call, Kumba Sinyan called him again, and informed him that someone saw her (Kumba Sinyan) leaving the scene and also asked him a favor.

“She (Kumba Sinyan) asked for a favor from me and when I asked what kind of favor she needed, She (Kumba Sinyan) told me that the Police will be searching for her in the morning, and she would like for me to tell them that she was with me if they inquire about her whereabouts. I told her that I will not be able to do that,” PW2 told the Court. 

PW2 testified that the following morning, one of his friends sent him a text message informing him about the incident that took place at the stadium.

“This is when I knew that what the accused (Kumba Sinyan) told me was true,” he told the court. 

Counsel M. Sanyang represented the State while Counsel Mrs. Twum represented Kumba Sinyan (the accused). 

Justice Sidi K. Jobarteh adjourned the case to tomorrow, 6th December 2023. 

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