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“I Am In Support Of ECOWAS Leaders Deploying Troops To Niger,” -Hon. Sanyang 

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 Hon. Yahya Sanyang, National Assembly Member for Latrikunda Constituency

By Buba Gagigo

Hon. Yahya Sanyang has expressed his support for the decision of ECOWAS leaders to send troops to Niger to remove the junta and restore constitutional rule, which he believes would help to maintain peace and order in the country.

“I am in support of ECOWAS leaders deploying troops to Niger to remove the junta and institute the constitutional order, to maintain peace and order. Military rule is not the solution to our problems. They cannot take on the roles of civilians in our democratization approach and process. Soldiers cannot be effective rulers as they rule with emotions and sentiments. In their maiden days, they will say all sorts of sweet words so as to work on the mentality of the people and after a few years, they will resort to killing, maiming and torture of their citizens. We cannot accept Military rule in this 21st century as it will only take us backward in our democratic gains,” Hon. Sanyang told Kerr Fatou.

He said Historically, military rule has not been effective in any African country. He said their rule is characterized with rampant corruption, killing and torture.

“Military rulers are the most corrupt rulers, they came poor and exit as billionaires. Military rule kills our institutions that we have built with so many resources and effort. We cannot trust them; they have given us the worst experience as a continent. If they are interested, let them remove their uniforms, form political parties, and contest elections. Finally, I urged ECOWAS leaders to also institute term limits in their respective countries to discourage these Military bandits to dislodge democratically elected governments,” he concluded.

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