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President Barrow Visits Flood Affected Areas in KM,WCR

President Adama Barrow with Kanifing Municipality Mayor Talib Ahmed Bensouda during the visit on 1st August 2022

By Ramatoulie Jawo

His Excellency President Adama Barrow on Monday visited flood affected areas in the Kanifing Municipality (KM) and West Coast Region (WCR).

The visit by the head of state was meant to get first hand information on the situation.

Speaking to victims in Abuko, President Barrow said his government does not want anyone to suffer during the rainy session that’s why he came out to see things for himself.

He said when the flood happened, he was informed by the Minister of Works, then he set up a team instantly which was led my the Vice President to go and assess the situation and report to him.

“But I said to myself that is not enough. I must come and assess some areas that are affected so that I get first hand informations myself,” he added.

The President observed that lack of proper drainage system is one of the problems affecting so many communities in the Gambia.

“Government will do everything to support the affected areas because that is our mission. I know there must be challenges, but we will try to overcome the challenges. I believe there is no problem without a solution, and we are very sure that we are going to solve the problems; especially when we have the support of everybody,” he expressed.

The head of state informed that they will sit in cabinet on Tuesday (tomorrow), and see what envelope they would give out immediately to help the victims. 

“Some of them need food, mattresses, and other stuff. But NDMA and the Minister of Local Government are with me here. And they are taking note, so that they will reach out to affected families and see how to help them out,” he said.

President Barrow disclosed that his Government is set to launch an $80 million drainage project in the Greater Banjul Area to prevent flooding in the future.

He further disclosed that another $43 million project would be launched by his government for the same purpose to solve the long time problems of flooding in the country

Ba Lamin Gibba, Councillor, Abuko ward called on the President to come to the aid of those affected by the flood in his area.

He said the bridge in Abuko is a “big” problem that affects them annually.

“School children struggle to cross the bridge to go to school. And even women who are living around this area find it difficult crossing here to reach to the market,” he lamented.

Gibba said at the council level, they are trying to make a footpath as a temporary solution to enable the people pass while calling the bridge a “nightmare” to his people.

The victims in the different settlements of both regions, pleaded for support from the government as the flood destroyed some of their belongings including foodstuffs.

The President was led by Chairman Sheriffo Sonko of the West Coast Region during his visit to some affected areas in the region earlier on Monday.

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