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Maimuna Ceesay Darboe Describes People Behind NPP Diaspora Congress As “Scammers”

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Demba Sabally, NPP Deputy National President & Maimuna Ceesay, NPP Diaspora Secretary

By Buba Gagigo

Maimuna Ceesay, the National People’s Party (NPP) Diaspora Secretary, has called the organizers behind the recently held NPP Diaspora Congress in Sweden scammers.

“Enough is enough, the injustice in the party must stop. The so-called Diaspora Congress, which is akin to a christening ceremony that Demba Sabally attended, is a prime example of this injustice. The Sweden chapter of the party invited people to a congress in Sweden, but the letter inviting them was not legitimate. Instead, it said that the congress would be held in Barcelona, Spain. This is clear evidence that these people are scammers. They have no validity and are only interested in taking advantage of others. They did not even use their host country, Sweden, as the location for the congress. Instead, they chose Barcelona, Spain. This raises the question of why they were so complicit in this deception?” she asked.

The NPP Diaspora Secretary, who is also a nominated National Assembly Member, also accused the organizers of the congress of using a fake letterhead and said their actions could create a problem for their party in securing visas in the future.

“The letterhead used by these individuals is not valid. If our enemies were to obtain this letterhead or if its contents were to be leaked on social media, it could jeopardize NPP’s ability to obtain a Schengen visa. I have the letterhead and everything with me. These people are real scammers and criminals. They failed during their sojourns in America and Europe. They have not accomplished anything. They do not even have a place to stay in The Gambia. These are the people who want to take over NPP and have said that the founders should leave.” she said.

Maimuna Ceesay was speaking in the National People’s Party executive group, where he challenged Demba Sabally to come out and talk.

Maimuna was not happy with Demba Sabally’s recent trip to attend an NPP diaspora congress in Sweden and recently described him as a rebel leader. Neither Maimuna Ceesay nor her Deputy participated in the Congress.

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