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Are you abroad with assets to manage in Gambia?


If you are a Gambian living abroad with assets to manage at home, BOS Construction and Asset Management LLC is the company to trust.


Who We Are
100% Gambian-owned and managed, BOS Construction and Asset Management LLC is committed to helping Gambians, especially those living abroad, manage their properties and assets back home without having to take time away from their lives and families.

What We Do
From experience, we are aware of risks faced by Gambians living abroad when it comes to managing their assets back home. Living busy lives abroad, they either have to take valuable time away from family and work to go take care of projects back home, or they have to find someone else to do it on their behalf. We have seen many relationships ruined because someone was unable or unwilling to satisfactorily take care of a family or friend’s property to their satisfaction. People end up losing lots of money, years of hard work, and perhaps more importantly, valuable relationships. With BOS, you can rely on professionals with years of experience to manage your building projects, asset purchase and leasing, rental management and other investment needs back home.

How We Do It
You are protected by legal contracts, provided accurate and timely information with receipts and photos, and your assigned representative back home can visit regularly to supervise work on your behalf. Your property is in safe hands, your relationship with family and friends are not risked, and you get to spend time focusing on your life.

We also have quality building and construction equipment to rent out at competitive prices.

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