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Gambia’s OIC Secretariat Conducts Day-Long Media Training on Ethical Summit Reporting

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Group Photo Of participants At The OIC building in Bijilo

By Ramatoulie Jawo 

The Gambia OIC Secretariat organized a day-long media training on Thursday, March 28, 2024, focused on ethical summit coverage. 

The training focused on equipping journalists and technical staff with the necessary skills, knowledge, and ethical guidelines essential for effectively and respectfully reporting on the OIC summits. With the summit being of significant importance, it’s crucial for media professionals to be well-prepared and informed.

Throughout the day, participants were engaged in presentations by experienced facilitators, providing valuable insights into the objectives and significance of the summit. Discussions centered on ethical considerations and best practices for summit coverage.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Yankuba Dibba, Chief Executive Officer of the Gambia OIC Secretariat, emphasized collaboration between the Secretariat and the media. He highlighted their joint role in publishing impactful stories and supporting the success of OIC events.

Furthermore, Mr. Dibba emphasized that the OIC serves as a platform to attract investments, and the media plays a crucial role in promoting Gambia’s image to potential investors.

“I had a meeting recently with the Chairman of the Gambia Chamber of Commerce; we discussed ways to address the plight of women and explore opportunities for investment. The OIC is a platform to attract investments, and the media is essential in promoting Gambia’s image to potential investors. Therefore, we appeal for your collaboration throughout the event,” he said. 

He expressed that, with Gambia being the second country in sub-Saharan Africa to host the OIC, the media and their partners could utilize this opportunity to showcase Gambia in a favorable light.

“Our aim is that post-OIC, the Gambia will be a hub for meetings, investment, conferences, and events. And you know what that means? We can use that as a platform to be able to bring in investments that will benefit women and young people, because we have a very youthful population in the Gambia. If you look at it, 65% of our population is under 25 years old. Using the media, we want to make sure we promote things that will bring about development, and investment because when we have investment, we will be able to have job opportunities for our young people,” he addressed.

Mr. Alassan Tunkara, a member of the media subcommittee, emphasized the pivotal role the media will undertake in spotlighting the country’s potential as a center for investments, tourism, and global interaction.

Mr. Tunkara stressed the significance of comprehensive, precise, and influential media coverage of the event. He emphasized that their reporting will influence the narrative surrounding the summit and mold perceptions of the country on both domestic and international fronts.

“Therefore, in today’s training, we will not only learn technical skills for effective coverage, but also embrace our role as ambassadors of truth and integrity. Through our reporting, we can highlight the Gambia’s readiness to host significant gatherings, our resilience in the face of challenges, and our commitment to democratic principles and human rights,” he said. 

He further urged the participants to approach the training with dedication and enthusiasm. And use the opportunity to elevate their journalism, showcase their professionalism, and promote a positive image of their beloved country that is committed to democracy, press freedom, and the values of inclusivity and tolerance.

The head of Brand and communication, Mr. Nfally Fadera, said their projects and preparations are all designed to create a lasting legacy that will benefit everyone in the country.

“At the level of the secretariat, our guiding principle has been that the summit will be meaningless if we cannot link it to the improvement of the people of this country. That’s why, when you look at all the projects that we have embarked on in preparation for the summit, they’re designed to improve life and livelihood in this country beyond the summit because we understand our mandate is to be legacy one a legacy that will everyone in the country.

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