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‘Gambians want new constitution to curtail public sector corruption’


By Sally Jobe

Gambians have expressed as a priority a clause in the new constitution that will curtail unnecessary plunder of public resources, said Chairman of the Constitutional Review Commission.

Chairman Justice Jallow and his team have held series of consultations with Gambian people during which opinions were expressed on the type of constitutions the people want.

The CRC just ended it external consultation with Gambians in the diaspora. During a press conference on Wednesday, Justice Jallow said Gambians have equally highlighted as a priority the need for the new constitution to ensure rule of law and fundamental rights and freedom of people are protected.

Other areas people see as a priority are strengthening of governance institutions to uphold the values, the letter and spirit of the constitution.

Gambia is emerging from 2 decades of tyranny during which its institutions and laws where bent to the will of its former President Yahya Jammeh.

People have also identified as a key area, ensuring adequate checks and balance between the key Government institutions and the executive and protection of the environment.

Meanwhile, Justice Jallow has responded to criticisms by some that the CRC’s external consultations were a waste of tax payers’ resources.

Jallow said there was only a difference of D1 million between the cost incurred on the internal consultation, D13 million, to the cost incurred on external consultation, D14 million.

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