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Gambia: Talib Is Every Serious Country’s Dream Of A Dynamic Leader

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Talib Ahmed Bensouda, Mayor Of KMC

By Pata Saidykhan – USA

Just as there are rare occurrences of walking unicorns in history, nature has been generous enough to dangle before us, if not give one or two prospects of greatness every now and then. In our case, they seem to come by every 25+ years. That’s almost like a generation. Check this out! The 1960s crop of politicians and unionists that paved way for our independence were a wave so rich in patriotism, vision, values, determination and selflessness. Sir Dawda’s generation will not be matched. They started us on something.

TWENTY-some years later, we had an interruption by young, immature soldiers, maimed the country and constricted the democratic space. True to nature, the universe blessed us with the second wave of a more determined and fearless host of another political leadership. The Halifas and the Darboes Era politicians had to be the bravest to stare a murderous dictatorship in the fact, and challenge it. They’ve seen their colleagues murdered yet stayed. If anything, those losses cemented their resolve. That is why it’s frustrating seeing budding ones act silly and Inpatient, ending up wrecking themselves. Ask Dr Ceesay. Or his newest boss, Ado.

IT would be 25 years later, that fate has us witness the blossoming of a young, dynamic, modern, admirable potential in Mayor Talib Ahmed Bensouda. Who would have thought, that my Party could today boast of near flawless young leadership whose maturity and diligence is so endearing? We are lucky as a country! Lucky to have young prospects given a platform to showcase. Showcase he did, and in an unmatched way.

Talib was the youngest of all aspirants to lead the Councils but from the moment he announced his presence, he became appealing to many across all political divides. He is composed and measured, making him well suited for decisive decision making. Talib has yet to put a foot wrong in KMC. His ability to make the KMC non-partisan, public serving institution and not lose focus on what’s at stake is a feat. Check the revenue generated by the Lord Mayor to compare that with his predecessors. The face-lift in KM, the hope. He is The common market woman and youths’ dream dude. With all that he’s got going in KM, wait until that Library is done. Talib would engrave his legacy not only in KM but in the pages of our country’s books as one who’d given the Gambian child a gold cos one Library the whole country is inconceivable.

With utmost respect to Hon. Bakary Badjie, Talib edged him on all measurable variables that the KMC voters will factor in their decision making. In campaigning for Talib in 2018, I did not campaign against Mr Badjie. I did however, know and say that Talib will be better poised for the office because he knows he will held accountable at Party and Municipal level. Though much was not known about Mr Bensouda at the time, his programs, organization and model were unique, ambitious but attainable. He articulated himself in the most convincing and practical fashion above of all his challengers. You knew you’d knock the ball out the park.

TALIB’s work will do the talking for him. It is so right-in-our-faces that it is undeniable. But it is Incumbent on all well-meaning Gambians to resist the temptation in joining Barrow and the Govt to gang up on Bensouda. His model for development is and should be case study for the central Govt but they’d instead want you to abort the mission Mayor Bensouda is on to derail progress. Let’s double efforts and help amplify his work and vision and return him to office.

Mayor Bensouda DESERVES a second term, and he had what it takes to build on his excellence. Please RENEW his Mandate on May 20th!

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