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Drug Bust: 39 Arrested in Nightclub Raids

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By Buba Gagigo

The Drug Law Enforcement Agency has reported the apprehension of thirty-nine individuals across various nightclubs in the Greater Banjul Area.

During an intensive operation conducted between July 5th and 8th, 2024, the Director of Operations of DLEAG oversaw the arrests. Nineteen individuals were detained at Lava nightclub, ten at a sports bar in Kololi, and nine at Envy nightclub. 

“Over the weekend between the 5ht and 8th July 2024, DLEAG’s Director of Operations conducted an intensive operation that resulted in the apprehension of thirty-nine (39) people at different nightclubs within the Greater Banjul Area. Nineteen (19) of them were arrested at Lava nightclub, ten (10) at sport bar in Kololi and another nine (9) at Envy nightclub. 

The suspects were arrested with various quantities of ecstasy pills, skunk cannabis, hashish, and cannabis sativa,” DLEAG said.

Additionally, the agency stated that eight suspects, including five Gambians, two Nigerians, and a Moroccan national, were detained for obstructing law enforcement officers at Envy nightclub.

“Management uses this opportunity to send a stern warning to those responsible for the management of premises, particularly restaurants, bars, and nightclubs to ensure that they do not knowingly permit or entertain drug related activities in their premises as this contravenes section 40 of the Drug Control Act 2003. Otherwise, if anyone is found engaging in drug related activities in any premise, it shall be presumed as provided for in the Act that the person concerned in the management of the premise permitted it unless he or she proves the contrary. Therefore, we encourage those concerned with the management of premises to ensure that they take adequate measures to prevent drug related activities within their premises,” DLEAG said.

While the operation primarily targeted restaurant, bar, and nightclub owners, DLEAG emphasized that the provisions of the act apply broadly to all property managers, calling for equal vigilance in preventing drug-related activities.

“All the suspected arrested in the weekend operation are in custody while further investigations continue,” DLEAG said.

In a separate incident, DLEAG disclosed that personnel from The Gambia Transport Service Company (GTSC) intercepted three hundred and thirteen pills and one stone of ecstasy from a passenger who subsequently fled the scene upon discovery of the illicit substances during a routine luggage check. The matter has been transferred to DLEAG for further investigation.

“The said passenger attempted to smuggle the said drugs that were discovered during routine check of luggage. He immediately fled the scene upon realizing that the staff of GTSC discovered his illicit products. The matter has been handed over to DLEAG for further investigations,” they said.

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