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Gambian Citizens Rally Against Controversial Bills, Demand Government Accountability and Transparency

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Abdoulie Bojang, Leader of the group 

By Buba Gagigo

Abdoulie Bojang, Chairman of the group opposing the passage of the Judicial Officers Bill, expressed deep concern over the proposed Judicial Officers and National Assembly Members Remuneration Bill 2024, condemning it as a threat to national security and a disregard for the welfare of ordinary citizens.

Bojang emphasized, “These bills disrespect taxpayers-Gambians and non-Gambians—and relegate the majority of Gambians and non-Gambians who shall fund these unjustifiably haram salaries and benefits for judicial officers and national assembly members to positions of absolute deprivation, destitution and lack.”

He continued,  “It is imperative that we demand answers from the government and its agencies. How many lives are lost due to inadequate emergency services, especially following road accidents and fire outbreaks? These are not rhetorical questions; these are the stark realities faced by ordinary Gambians every day.”

Bojang also raised concerns about the plight of soldiers earning less than 8,000 Dalasis monthly without basic health insurance or family support.

“Why does the government persist in neglecting crucial segments of our population, such as Arabic school students and persons living with disabilities?” he asked.

The group also highlighted escalating issues of drug abuse, crime, and prostitution, attributing them to what Bojang described as “The irresponsible border policies implemented by our government have facilitated the unchecked spread of deadly drugs like Kush. The consequences are dire: increased addiction, shattered families, and a generation robbed of its potential.”

Bojang concluded, “As concerned citizens, we cannot stand idly by while our country faces these challenges. It is time for accountability, transparency, and genuine leadership that prioritizes the well-being and aspirations of all Gambians.”

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