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Exploring Wuxi Studio & Taihu Lake: A Fusion of Creativity, Technology, and Innovation

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WUXI Studios

By Fatou Sillah

In our ongoing exploration of Jiangsu Province, we ventured into the vibrant world of Wuxi Studios. The Wuxi National Digital Film Industry Park is a collaborative effort between various ministries and provinces, serving as a pivotal hub for Jiangsu Province’s film and television industry and a cornerstone project for Wuxi’s cultural industry initiatives.

The Studio is a Modern film industry featuring facilities such as technology studios, underwater special effects studios, virtual photography studios, and a 5G smart virtual photography joint laboratory, forming a comprehensive service system covering the entire digital film and television industry chain. For me, it was a learning point as It was my first time entering a movie studio is bigger than I can imagine, with excellent views and beautiful structures. I had no idea what a movie studio looked like until I step my foot in The Wuxi movie studio, I didn’t want to leave the studio because it was a special place for me.

We journeyed from the captivating studios of Wuxi to witness the ongoing ecological dredging efforts in the Meiliang Lake area of Taihu Lake, led by CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co., Ltd. Situated within the Binhu District of Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, this initiative aims to tackle the moderate to severe pollution in Meiliang Lake by dredging and disposing of sediments. Covering an expansive 28.9 square kilometers, the dredging project anticipates handling an estimated total volume of 8.341 million cubic meters of sediment.

Officials state that the project utilizes the “Taihu Star,” the world’s first ecological dredging intelligent integrated platform ship, with full intellectual property rights in China. This vessel combines ecological dredging, sludge solidification, and tailwater treatment functions, establishing a global standard for intelligent environmental dredging. It can efficiently dredge up to 5,000 cubic meters daily and conduct mud press filtration and solidification onboard.

The Tianjin Dredging Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the China Construction Company (CCCC), has undertaken diverse projects. These include maintenance dredging at Beira Port in Mozambique, dredging and backfilling for the expansion of Algiers Port in Algeria, construction of the Belt and Road Initiative container terminal dredging project in Ghana, West Africa, navigational channel dredging for Dar es Salaam Port in Tanzania, and the Lake Ahémé dredging project in Benin.

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