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‘Everyone Can Go’- Hon Kandeh Said Defections Will Not Prevent Him From Entering State House 

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Hon. Mama Kandeh, Secretary General and Party Leader GDC.

By Buba Gagigo

The Party leader and Secretary General of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), Hon. Mama Kandeh said people leaving his party will not prevent him from entering StateHouse.

“We are not afraid. Everyone can go and even if we are left with one person, the party will move on. If you come to GDC to look for money, leave, there is no money here. Even if we are left with three people, we will go to Statehouse,” the GDC leader said at his party National Congress in Jarra Soma on Saturday, December 24, 2022.

The leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) deploying a loud baritone, said his party has empowered a lot of youth, and women but lamented that that empowerment is abused by some of his Party’s militants.

“GDC is here to empower the youth and women. Unfortunately on the other side, they abuse empowerment. Because they formed ‘Kabudu’ (groups) just for petty talks. That has died today in GDC. We will give everyone what they are supposed to have but no one will play with us anymore. Those days are gone. We give you a position today and tomorrow you started saying ‘Mama Kandeh doesn’t call me. I don’t see anything. I don’t know what they are up to’. If they had known where my soul is, they would have killed me since. 

“The first thing they do is to go to the television and announced their resignation from GDC. Is it Worth it? But every Tom, Dick, and Harry will just get up and go to Kerr Fatou, What’s on Gambia, or The Fatu Network, and tell them that they have resigned. Thinking that you can tarnish the name of GDC. This party is with God. Belie Walie if you tried it you will fail because those who tried it have failed,” the GDC leader said.

For the first time in years, MC Cham Jr is not a member of the National Executive of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC). The former GDC National Youth President [he didn’t seek reelection to that position] applied for and contested for the position of Deputy Party leader. He withdrew from the race for that position after intense negotiations during the congress and Momodou ABS Mboob was selected by the congress to be the Deputy Party Leader of GDC.

Hon. Kandeh called on MC Cham Jr to take up another vacant position and continue his work for the party.

“All of them have the right to request the position, none of them violated the law. It is their right as members of the GDC. fortunately, MC Cham leaves the position for Mr. Mboob. And Mr. Mboob knows if there was an election, he could have won or lost. I will like to congratulate Mr. Mboob and thank MC Cham Jr. I will tell him, he is still young. When he joins GDC, he didn’t have any position.

“I will tell MC Cham Jr, there are other vacant positions in GDC. He didn’t come to GDC for a position. I will encourage him, and assure him that yesterday’s GDC is what prevails today. Let him continue his work and look for another position in the party. We created his former position, National Youth President, and is not part of the IEC requirements. And the youth wing, starting from the National Youth President, and Propaganda Secretary is more powerful than that position in the executive. Because the propaganda Secretary is in the executive body and the other is a wing. He was attending executive meetings because he was representing the youths,” the GDC leader said when MC Cham Jr. agreed to leave the position for Mr. Mboob.

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