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Sports Council Condemns Last Night Wrestling Saga

Marcel Mendy
Executive Director National Sports Council


By Buba Gagigo

The National Sports Council Executive Director has condemned the clash at the Independence Stadium last night between some security and wrestling fans.

“I want to deplore in the strongest terms what happened last night. That is unacceptable. It is very deploring. It does not tell well enough. It does not tell well of our country, and it does not do our sports any good,” Marcel Mendy said at the laying of the foundation stone of the Buffer Zone Wrestling Arena on Monday.

“Those of us who are involved in [the] barbaric act must ensure that they stay away from that. This is something that our young people earn money from. This is something that some of them have even used to build compounds for their families. So, if you go there and create crimes, I bet you it will be difficult to get the sponsorship that we call for,” he advised.

Mendy called on the people who are involved in the sport (wrestling) to maintain peace to attract sponsors.

“No one will invest their money in crime, No one will go and invest in something that will promote vandalism. So if you attract more sponsors, if you want to get more attention, if you want responsible people to watch our sports, you have to do it and do it in the most responsible way,” Executive Director of National Sports Council emphasised.

Hoyontan [Club Ndongo Ceesay] and Double Tyson [Club Wrestling School] wrestling match dubbed ‘Combat’ failed to hold last night at the Independence Stadium when wrestler Double Tyson allegedly refused to wrestle following a clash between his group and the security personnel on the ground. One person is reported to have sustained injury in the class.

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