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Dr Yafa to register a new political party


A renowned Gambian agriculturalist, Dr Sidat Yafa, has announced that he is working on setting up a new political party, Citizens for National Development Party (CNDP).

A native of Sandou District in the Upper River Region, Dr Yafa has been lecturing at the University of the Gambia for a number of years.

He was the first Gambian agriculturalist working at the University to have said former president Yahya Jammeh’s Vision 2016 policy was not attainable.

Dr Yafa said the formation of a party is to “encourage Gambians to participate in the meaningful political development” of their country.

He said the idea was conceived by him and Dr Madi Touray.

“Now is the time for the elite, the educated and professional Gambians to take part in the political discourse of our country… Since independence in 1965, most educated Gambians always stand on the sidelines and watching things unfold without participation in the process,” said Dr Yafa.

He said the core values of their party are ensuring food and nutrition security, good healthcare delivery and quality and affordable education.

Dr Yafa and his team are to meet on the 3 of November, 2018 at YMCA for further discussion of the formation of their new party.

Gambia, a country of 2 million people, currently has nine political parties.


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