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‘Don’t Disturb Yourself’ Batchilly Comes After Bakary Badjie After Endorsing Talib

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Musa Yali Batchilly, Party leader, GAP

By Buba Gagigo

Musa Yali Batchilly, the Secretary-General and Party leader of the Gambia Action Party (GAP) said, Hon. Bakary Badjie should not disturb himself by running for mayor of KMC because Talib Ahmed Bensouda will win re-election.

“I heard NPP’s Candidate is Bakary Badjie. Bakary Badjie please don’t disturb yourself. You were at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, what did you do? Am not here to exchange with you but I can’t see what you did. Even greetings, you don’t greet people because you feel better than people. Don’t disturb yourself. President Barrow don’t waste your resources. Before you give it to Bakary Badjie please give it to KMC to develop and let him (Talib Ahmed Bensouda) go ‘No Oppose’ because Talib will win inshallah,” the GAP leader said during an endorsement ceremony on Sunday.

The Gambia Action Party (GAP) leader said he endorsed Talib Ahmed Bensouda based on his record during the last five years.

“If it was me alone Gambians should get up and say ‘No Oppose’ based on what he (Talib Ahmed Bensouda) did. When he was coming there was a huge debt at the council but he paid the debt and increase the money in five years from D115m to D332m, with a D200m profit. That man is a hero. I just don’t praise people like that, even if my father was there and he is not working I will not support him. 

“Do not vote because of Political parties. If I had seen someone better than Bensouda, I would have supported that person. But I didn’t see that, others who want to stand are ‘Supakanja’ and ‘Mbahal’. Don’t disturb yourself. Those Who believe in KMC, Believe in the Gambia, and believe in Me, give your votes to Bensouda. Today is just for endorsement but I will tell you all he did when we start the campaign proper,” he said.

The Gambia Action Party (GAP) leader endorsed Talib Ahmed Bensouda on Sunday at a ceremony held in Fajara.

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