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Barrow Asked To Address Gambia’s Problems Than Attacking Citizens

CSO leaders at the Friday Press Briefing at Tango

By Buba Gagigo

The Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the Gambia have asked President Adama Barrow to address the problems that the country is facing rather than attacking its citizens.

The CSOs conveyed this message at a press conference on Friday in their bid to condemn Barrow’s attack on Madi Jobarteh and the Civil Society Organisations.

“Mr. President, our nation is plagued with a plethora of issues and challenges that are more of a potent force to set the nation alight, that we want our government to address, than attack its citizens. The increased corruption allegations without transparent investigations and prosecutions, high cost of living, poor service delivery by public Institutions, erratic power supply and internet connectivity, coupled with their outrageous charges, public servants continue to erect mansions and allocate land to themselves. The people are watching,” they said at the press conference.

The CSOs also asked the government to recommit itself to guaranteeing the continued protection of the rights to speech, expression and assembly.

“To the executive, Mr. President and your cabinet, please recommit yourselves and Government to guarantee the continued protection of our rights to speech, expression and assembly. Let us work together to build our dear motherland. With the new cabinet in place, this is an opportunity to begin afresh to move The Gambia forward,” they added.

The reaction of the CSOs followed when President Barrow during his traditional Koriteh meeting with Muslim elders on 2nd April (Koriteh day) attacked human rights activist Madi Jobarteh and the civil society. 

Civil Society called on the religious leaders to be content and maintain their integrity.

“To our religious leaders, remember your sacred call to lead us in accordance with the dictates of the Almighty. To speak truth to power always, to fear God and not men. To be content and maintain your integrity because one day we will all give an account to our deeds,” they continued.

President Adama Barrow attacked human rights activist Madi Jobarteh and the Civil Society while addressing Muslim elders at State House on Koriteh day and accused that the human right activist wants to put the country on fire. 

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