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GDC Spokesperson Calls Appointment Of New Agriculture Minister ‘Miscalculation’

GDC spokesperson and former NAM Omar Ceesay and new Minister of Agriculture, Dr Demba Sabally

By Buba Gagigo

Former National Assembly Member for Niamina East and spokesperson of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) has called the appointment of the new Agriculture Minister, Dr. Demba Sabally a ‘miscalculation’.

“The Appointment of Demba Sabally is a miscalculation by the President. If the president spends any minute longer than necessary to revisit the appointment of the new Agriculture Minister (Demba Sabally), it would further jeopardize this very sector.

“Designating the most outstanding sector of the economic base to someone without any clue (of the sector) is certainly a miscalculation by everyone who participated and agreed to his appointment. This sector is in a coma for quite a very long time and needs a competent authority with the right medication and not Demba Sabally,” the spokesperson argued.

The GDC spokesperson however said that he is not questioning Sabally’s level of qualification but his field of study has no connection whatsoever with the agricultural sector.

“Someone with a nursing background may not be the right person to preside over the affairs of this sector. The same constitution that mandated the President to appoint ministers is the same document directing him to look for the competent authorities to handle such (an) office of high responsibility without fear or favour. Even though the President wants to compensate him for the services he (Dr. Sabally) rendered to his party, he must look for somewhere relating to his background for the interest of the country,” he said.

The former Niamina East National Assembly Member further said that Sabally’s appointment would do more harm than good; while urging farmers and those concerned with the agricultural sector to rise and request for a change of appointment.  

Meanwhile, Dr. Demba Sabally was a member of the Gambia Democratic Congress who defected to the National People’s Party.

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