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‘Allow Us To Breathe’ -Hon. Omar Ceesay Asked Batchilly To Bear The Heat

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Hon. Omar Ceesay of GDC and Musa Yali Batchilly GAP Leader

By Buba Gagigo

Former National Assembly Member for Niamina East, Hon Omar Ceesay, has asked the Secretary-General and Party leader of Gambia Action Party (GAP), Musa Yali Batchilly, to allow Gambians to breathe.

Musa Yali Batchilly supported president Adama Barrow during the last presidential election. However, during his Party’s National Congress held last week, Batchilly said president Barrow’s Government has lost its sense of direction. The GAP leader further accused the government of bankrupting the country.

In response to these comments, the former National Assembly Member for the Niamina East constituency, Hon. Omar Ceesay hit back at the GAP leader;

“Batchilly Should bear the heat and allow us to breathe” Hon. Ceesay said.

He added; “Batchilly as the party leader and Secretary General of The Gambia Action Party ( GAP), who should have tested his party’s popularity in the 2021 presidential bid had decided to dump his party to aid president Barrow to secure his second term and is now becoming one of the biggest critics of the president. Batchilly decided to abandon his party to support the re-election of Barrow when almost every sector in Barrow’s government was on standstill”

Hon. Ceesay said when Batchilly decided to support president Adama Barrow during the last presidential election, all his current complaints were unaddressed;

“While Batchilly was supporting Barrow’s re-election, these outstanding issues such as corruption,  crime rates, unemployment, poor infrastructure, smuggling of drugs, low-quality education and health service delivery, and the reform agendas, etc remained unaddressed in Barrow’s administration but he never talked about it for once.  And today he wants to play with our intelligence.  

“Tentatively, Wouldn’t it be correct for one to conclude that Barrow had failed in his promises toward him which warranted his endless noise? Because at some point he was to be deployed to the diplomatic service. But to no avail. I wish to remind Batchilly that the same monsters you created could turn against you at any time. So bear the struggles and allow us to breathe. We have less attention to double-standard players in the field of politics,” he said.

The former National Assembly encourage Batchilly to remain patient as Barrow may get back to him, saying; the queue is to be followed accordingly.

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