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Ahmed Gitteh Said He Will Allocate 30 Million Dalasi For Youths If Elected BAC Chairman 

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Ahmad Gitteh Independent Candidate For BAC

By Fatou Sillah 

Independent candidate Ahmad Gitteh has pledged to allocate 30 million dalasis to the youth of the West Coast if he is elected as chairperson of the Brikama Area Council in the upcoming elections.

Gitteh made these remarks after submitting his credentials to the IEC in Brikama 

“We also have these 30 million dalasis that we would like to allocate for our young people. As you are aware, there are a lot of opportunities, a lot of Bananas come from Guinea Conakry, a lot of Chicken comes from the west, sometimes they spend almost 8 months before they land in our Markets. We have opportunities for the young people to be allocated money to venture into poultry farming,

“The other priority is to help educate our young people through the provision of scholarship; waste management is an issue. As you are all aware, a healthy environment is a wealthy environment and if we want to stay healthy and go about our economic activities, we must be a healthy society and that is possible most importantly through prevention,” Gitteh Promise. 

Mr. Gitteh continued by saying that, one of his priorities is to make sure that he understands the problems that are in the Council as an administration

“My number one priority is to make sure that we understand the problems that are in the Council as an administration, how many staff members do we have, how much income do we generate and what is our balance sheet, are we generating income or not, are there deficiency? We know there are, but how big these problems are, we would like to understand that” he said. 

Independent candidate Ahmad Gitteh has also criticized the Local Government Act of 2002, saying that it has a lot of problems. He has promised to review the act with the National Assembly if he is elected as chairperson of the Brikama Area Council.

“You know the local government act 2002 has a lot of problems, it limits the powers and the ability of the Council, so we would like to look into that holistically with our National Assembly members and stakeholders to make sure we appeal to the central government to either amend the local government act to empower and give a lot more independence to the local governments to be able to deliver the much-needed development for our people want,” He state 

The Chairperson and mayoral election are slated for May 20th throughout the country.

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