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2021 Presidential Election: CA Reveals Reason For Not Endorsing UDP

Modou Mboob 
CA interim spokesperson 

By Buba Gagigo

The interim spokesperson for the Citizens’ Alliance Party (CA), Modou Mboob has said that CA refused to endorse the United Democratic Party (UDP) in the 2021 presidential election because his party was receiving threats from UDP.

“They (UDP) actually threatened CA in the sense that if we have not supported them, we will actually regret or consequentially regret our inaction of not supporting them. And the other thing that happened was that we have some woman Groups in Brikama, (and) we have members of the UDP that were going to this party members and bringing them on board to UDP. It did not stop at that. 

“But they (UDP) caricatured CA by going on Facebook to tell people that this person has actually cross-carpeted from from CA to UDP; and they were laughing about it. At that particular time, CA was confronted with a lot legal of issues. I think all the opposition should have actually supported CA, especially UDP. Instead of feeling the pain, we were going through, instead of calling us on board for us to support them, they felt they were actually big.” Modou Mboob alleged on Kerr Fatou on Thursday.

The CA interim spokesperson further alleged the United Democratic Party at the time, felt that they were big and they didn’t need any party’s endorsement.

“….And in fact Gambia is living in a time where we need unity. We need to believe in unison. So if there is this particular party (UDP) that feels that they don’t need anybody. If UDP did not actually open their door for other parties to join them, In fact, there is no negotiation that was actually taken from the beginning that they want to have CA on board. But what they said is they want CA to join them

“Did they actually facilitate for a meeting to happen between them and CA? That’s one thing, but Barrow was actually the one meeting every other party, and he actually called our party leader. I think that alone speaks volume. As a leader you should be able to unite people and people belong to different political parties,” he continued 

Mr Mboob said he would have done the same as Dr Ceesay did saying, ‘when you want to be in government you should be welcoming’

“I think if Dr Ceesay in fact had received or facilitated a vehicle, I personally as the (interim) spokesperson of the party, that is maybe his line of thinking. But you know, surprisingly, I think I’m in support of whatever happened. And if I were Dr. Ceesay, I would have done the same thing. Because when you form a party and want to be in government, I think you should be welcoming. You should have an open door policy, where you will welcome other political parties,” he said.

Reacting to Modou Mboob’s comments on Kerr Fatou, Kemo Bojang, the United Democratic Party Youth Wing Secretary General said: “My brother Modou Mboob, to say the UDP didn’t reach out to Citizen Alliance is very far from what happened. You can ask Dr. Ceesay how many times I as a national youth leader and member of the executive and other members like Mayor Bensouda had tried to meet him during the Presidential campaign. Another, we spoke on the phone while we were in Niumi and it was the day of your appeal. I told him I’d come back to Kombo and meet him if he was willing, he said he’ll get back to me after the ruling and he stopped picking up my calls. If Dr told you we didn’t reach out, then he was being very economical with the truth.”

Meanwhile, Mboob’s claim that the UDP felt that they are big and didn’t need any party’s endorsement in the 2021 presidential election is contradicted by the endorsement of Gambia For All (GFA) party, and disqualified independent aspirant Marie Sock Jobarteh. 

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