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CA Gives Reason For Spokesperson’s Suspension

Modou Mboob 
interim spokesperson of the Citizens’ Alliance Party

By Buba Gagigo

The interim spokesperson of the Citizens’ Alliance Party (CA), Modou Mboob said their suspended spokesperson Nenneh Freda Gomez did not cooperate during their investigation of the leaked WhatsApp Message.

“We’re all aware about the leaked message to your our platform (Kerr Fatou). So we made an internal investigation. And then everybody in the executive was cooperating. And according to our investigation, we had check-boxes when you are clear. And when we made the investigation, every other person that was investigated was cleared based on the evidence available. 

“So the only person who did not submit the material we were requesting for as far as the investigation was concerned, was Nenneh. And she already promised that it was going to be done. We as a committee, we arrived at the conclusion that Nenneh is the culprit, until proven otherwise. We are not still saying and she is the culprit. That’s why we when you read the article, we suspended her but the appeal window for her to come and clear the air. And if at all, we find out that she is clean, she will go back to the executive,” he told Kerr Fatou on Thursday.

The Citizens’ Alliance Party (CA)  in a statement dated 26th July 2022, announced the suspension of Ms. Gomez over a leaked WhatsApp message from the executive group allegedly disseminated by her.

The statement said Gomez is found in “breach” of the CA Constitution by the panel.

The leaked WhatsApp message in question is the comment by one of the party’s executive members against this medium, which the medium rebutted.

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