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BGH Staff Call Redeployment Of CEO Cham “Shocking” News

Bwiam General Hospital

By Ramatoulie Jawo

The Bwiam General hospital (BGH) in a statement expressed receiving the ‘shocking’ news of the redeployment/re-assigning of its Chief Executive Officer, Dr Mamady Cham.

The hospital described the development as ‘unfortunate’, but expressed its commitment to ‘welcome’ Dr. Cham’s successor.

The facility added that the development is part of an ongoing CEO shuffle by the Ministry of Health with the rationale to ‘probably’ to advance and improve health care services throughout the country.

Below is the full statement

“Bwiam General Hospital was established in 2003 and serves as the only tertiary health facility in the Western Health Region II of The Gambia. It covers a catchment area that includes parts of the West Coast Region, and the Lower River Region of the country. The facility prides itself as a Center of Excellence, based on the commitment of staff, quality of services, client satisfaction and importantly excellence in leadership.

“The facility has received the shocking news of the redeployment/re-assigning of our very able Chief Executive Officer, Dr Mamady Cham. This comes as part of an ongoing CEO shuffle by the Ministry of Health. The rationale of which is probably to advance and improve health care services throughout the country.

“Bwiam General Hospital has taken giant strides under the leadership and guidance of Dr. Mamady Cham, a seasoned administrator and CEO par excellence. Under his tenure, the facility has registered numerous achievements and advances. This ranges from advances in human and material resources, infrastructure, financial control and staff welfare and development. Setting the bar very high for all tertiary facilities to emulate.

“Pending the completion of numerous projects the facility is embarking on, we find his re- assignment unfortunate at this moment in time, but we still maintain professionalism and respect for the views of the Ministry of Health. The facility continues to gain the trust of the people in The Gambia and even our neighbouring country, Senegal.

“He has built a culture of hard work in BGH and a system that encourages clinical discipline, administrative discipline, and the sheer passion to serve [the] country and people with diligence with or without his presence. Welcoming him with open hands, we encourage any health facility that will be lucky to receive him as head, as BGH maintains his legacy by looking forward to receiving and working diligently with our next head of facility.

“Our leaders in healthcare will continue to change as change is inevitable, change can be rejected by some, for fear of the unknown. However, in some aspects, change can be a measure of progress particularly when the right people are placed at the right place.

“Dr. Mamady Cham’s position as the CEO in BGH will be huge shoes to fill, and all members of staff at BGH are committed to welcome any new head, as we maintain Dr Cham’s legacy and continue our mandate in the service of our people,” the Senior Management Team of the Hospital said in a statement on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Dr Kebba Manneh of Bundung Maternal & Child Health Hospital (formerly Jammeh Foundation) and Dr. Mamady Cham are among those affected by an ongoing CEO shuffle by the Ministry of Health.

However, unlike the staff of Bundung Maternal & Child Health Hospital, staff at Bwiam General Hospital did not call for a rescind of the deployment of their CEO.

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