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Woman Charged With Giving False Information To Police

Abdoulie Sanyang
The Gambia’s Inspector General of Police

By Landing Ceesay

The Police have charged a 33-yearsl-old house wife and resident of Old Yundum with giving false information to them.

The police said the suspect came in conflict with the law, after an alleged stealing and charming complaint she reported at Old Yundum Police that turned out to be “staged and false”.

The police stated that the 33-year old was cautioned and charged with giving false information to a public officer upon discovering that she gave a “misleading” complaint to the police of an alleged theft; ‘induced by charms that turned out to be false.’

 Investigations revealed that the complainant turned suspect was entrusted with D297,000  by her own sister based in the USA, sometimes back, the police said.

The Police continued that she decided to invest the money in a business unilaterally without the approval of her sister and the business allegedly collapsed.

“To cover up the lost business adventure, (suspect) decided to fake a scenario; claiming that she went to the Trust Bank Branch at Coastal Road where she met a strange woman (beggar) at the gate of the Bank. The woman begged for D50, which she offered to her. She then entered the bank and cashed D250, 000 from her account. On her exit, she met the same woman who again begged for another D50; and she offered her as before,” the police said Facebook.

The police said according to the suspect, upon giving the beggar D50 for the second time, she unsuspectingly surrendered the D250,000 to the woman and the ‘mysterious woman’ (beggar) later disappeared into thin air.

“She decided to authenticate her story by filing a complaint at the Old Yundum Police Station for investigation,” the police said.

The police said their detailed probe into the matter to substantiate the report confirmed that there was no such transaction as claimed by the suspect.

The police said when the complainant  was confronted with facts at hand, she confessed the truth.

“She revealed to investigators that it was because the people she gave clothes to on loan, failed to pay her, and the sister needed her money back; she had no option but to create a cover-up story,” the police said.

The police cautioned the public to always lodge factual complaints to them.

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