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“We Cannot Do Without Politics,” NPP BAC Candidate On Quitting Journalism For Politics 

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Seedy Ceesay, National People’s Party Candidate For Brikama Area Council

By Landing Ceesay 

The ruling National People’s Party (NPP)’s candidate for the Brikama Area Council (BAC) Chairman, Mr. Seedy Ceesay, explained why he quit Journalism for politics, saying “we cannot do without politics.”

“Some people have asked me why I have decided to go into politics, saying that it is a mere game, a dirty one, and politicians are in it simply for themselves. So why leave my business, my journalism, to enter this sordid game? My answer is this, and very simple: if you think that the way we do politics is wrong, surely, the way to deal with it is to change it, not to abandon it, because we cannot do without politics. It is simply our process of collective decision-making. So, the question becomes, how can we change it? Instead of standing outside, pointing fingers, and shouting to the rooftops the inadequacies of those in public office, I decided to go into the oven, so to speak, never mind the heat, because that’s where the cooking is done. That’s one way of bringing about the change we want,” he said. 

The NPP BAC Candidate made these remarks at his endorsement ceremony by the Gambia Amputee Association of all NPP and the Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction (APRC) candidates for the upcoming Local Government Elections in April and May 2023. 

Mr. Ceesay said If good and conscientious people do not go into politics, then the unsuitable variety would, and the dream of Independence would be in perpetual postponement. 

“I, therefore, appeal to your best hopes, not your fears or doubts about politics,” he said. 

Mr. Ceesay told the members of the Gambia Amputee Association that he will vindicate the confidence they have in him with a performance in office that they will be proud of.

“I decided to throw my hat in the ring to become the next Chairman of Brikama Area Council because I wish to join those in public office who want to drive the rhetoric of the new Gambia to its reality, its fulfillment. A Gambia of economic development, political freedom, and stability, but realizing that without social inclusion, and providing equal opportunities for everyone, the country will not achieve its national goals,” he said. 

Mr. Ceesay said despite the limited resources of the council, he will empower women, youth, and less privileged in society. 

“As a Council, our resources are limited, but this is where I am called upon to be resourceful. We will look for support from a mixture of private, voluntary, and public sector funders, working collaboratively with them, to expand opportunity to youth, women, and groups that have been neglected for too long,” he said. 

The NPP BAC Candidate highlighted 4 things that he said would be captured in his “soon-to-be-released manifesto.” 

“1. A well-governed Local Government Area resourced with the right team that can help meet the challenges we face; 2. A living, vibrant Council that can accommodate a growing population, and provide it with the leadership it requires to prosper; 3. A working Council that can attract investment, and deliver growth, while; 4. A sociable Council that sustains a rich and inclusive common life, with attractive and clean streets, markets, and neighborhoods.

“Thank you, once again, for your endorsement. As one good turn deserves another, I shall embrace your cause and fight to the fullest, your rights to education, skills training, access to jobs, health care and basic amenities.

And here, I will appeal to our whole Local Government Area, if you seek a candidate that is serious in purpose, has the experience, knowledge, and ability combined with decency, integrity, and honour – I am your man,” he disclosed. 

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