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Unnecessary to ‘litigate’ issues mention before TRRC in media- Sise


The chairman of the Truth Commission probing the human rights violations of the former dictator, Yahya Jammeh, has described as unnecessary, the actions of people who are contradicting the stories before the Commission in the public media.

Since the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparation Commission started in Gambia, there were several people who responded to testimonies of witnesses either as inaccurate or exaggerated.

Prominent among such people were Samsudeen Sarr, a former army general, Halifa Sallah, senior politician and Momodou Badgie, the current national security adviser to President Adama Barrow.

All of these people have responded to narration of accounts that they consider to be inaccurate.

“We have noticed an emerging trend whereby persons who feel that they have been adversely mentioned or who possess some information about matters being testified about would go to the press to make statements that are aimed at contradicting the testimony made before the Commission,” said Sise as he opened the second session of the Commission.

“The TRRC’s Provisional Rules of Procedure mandate that persons who have been adversely mentioned be afforded the opportunity to state their own side of the story by way of a written statement or personal appearance. These persons are being directly contacted by the Commission, served with Notices of Adverse Mention and formally invited to respond to the allegations. It is therefore not necessary for such individuals to attempt to litigate the issues in the public media.”

The Commission is on the second phase of its sitting where it is expected to look into the killings of close to two dozen military officials that happened in the country in November 1994.

The Commission received its 14th witness on Monday, a veteran Gambia politician Mamadou Cham, widely recognized as MC Cham.

The first part of the Commission which probes how and who the coup happened is ending as preparations intensify for November 11 hearings.

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