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UDP denies claims of internal division after WCR stalled congress


The spokesperson of the United Democratic Party, Almamy Taal, said the party is going to congress in December when it will select its secretary general.

The spokesperson of the United Democratic Party Almamy Taal

The two hundred and fifty delegates of the United Democratic Party in the West Coast Region will head to congress to elect their representatives following an impromptu cancellation of the democratic process last Sunday.

Party abandoned the regional congress following tensions between delegates who reportedly claimed unfairness in the way delegates were selected.

However, a number of analyst were quick to add that the tension was a result of attempts by the UDP members loyal to Ousainou Darboe to kick supporters of President Adama Barrow from party’s grassroots leadership positions.

Since President Barrow started his youth movement and showed increased willingness to run for second term, tension has emerged within the party.

However, Taal said the news of reported division within the UDP between the supporters of President Adama Barrow and its current leader Ousainou Darboe is a “mere speculation”.

He said the cancellations of the WCR congress was based on the advice of the security officials.

“…The police said that under the circumstances they cannot guarantee a peaceful congress. So we have now given them a list of delegates…,” Taal told Kerr Fatou.

“What is clear to us is that we have 250 delegates whose names have now been confirmed by their constituencies throughout the West Coast Region and the police have promised us that they will be ready to ensure that we have a peaceful congress on Saturday.”

“As everyone can see, UDP is a very democratic party and we have been engaged in this grassroots democratic strengthening since last month…,” he added.

“Obviously there is going to be noise. Those are things one cannot avoid but to say that there was a problem with the UDP, is a speculation… There is no other party involved in this kind of activity.”

Taal said there is no factions within the UDP. Meanwhile, the party heads to national congress in December when it is expected to select its secretary general and leader.

It is not clear though if its current leader Darboe is interested in leading the party for another five years.

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