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TRRC witness paints a gruesome picture of Haruna Jammeh’s killing

Omar A Jallow

Omar Jallow, an ex-member of former President Yahya Jammeh’s hit-squad has painted a gruesome picture of the nature of the death of Haruna Jammeh.

Haruna Jammeh was a cousin of former president who was reportedly killed by his hit men on his orders. Omar A Jallow, a member of the hit-squad loosely call the Junglers has told the Truth Commission on Tuesday that him and one Alieu Jeng tied a rope around Haruna Jammeh’s neck, put him to the ground and Sanna Manjang stamped on his neck, killing him instantly.

Jallow said they took Jammeh from the custody of the National Intelligence Agency and took him to the bush where he was to be executed. He said he was not informed about the operations until Sanna jumped on Jammeh’s neck.

After he was killed, Jallow said they took his remains to the same well they dumped Ghanaians.

He said he was not happy of the fact that he was not told about the killing until it happened. However, Tumbul Tamba and Solo Bojang would later explain to him that the orders were from Yahya Jammeh.

Jallow said the former President claimed Haruna Jammeh killed his store keeper and his shepherd.

Meanwhile, Jallow has also confessed to participating in the execution of 30 Ghanaians in the forest in Casamance, Southern Senegal.

He said they were told the migrants were mercenaries. Jallow said the orders for the execution came from former president Yahya Jammeh.

The former Jungler also confessed to torturing several people including Imam Baba Leigh and Imam Ba Kawsu.

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