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‘This is Lack Of Empathy’ Haji Suwaneh Blast Gov’t For Fare Increment

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National Youth President of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Haji Suwaneh.

By Buba Gagigo

The National Youth President of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Haji Suwaneh, has described the government’s proposed fare increment slated to come into effect at the end of January as a lack of empathy for the Gambian people.

“This is caused by we the Gambians because people vote for Governments that will have or invent solutions to problems but our government instead is putting problems on top of our existing problems. But we the citizens still stand and say the problem is in the entire world and not the Gambia alone. You should know that these tariffs are put in by the government to make things harder. Let’s not be our own enemies by praising the government for the hardship they are putting on us. This is too much from president Barrow’s Government. This is a lack of empathy, especially at this time,” he said.

The United Democratic Party (UDP)’s National Youth President said the fare increment will lead to an increase in the cost of living in the Gambia;

“Government has announced the increment of fares starting this Friday coming. This will cause a high cost of living because Ramadan is approaching. Rice, oil, onion, and anything that will be transported will increase. With the current hardship in the country, the government should have subsidized the fuel, reduce the price of fuel and reduce the profit they are collecting on fuel so that fares can be maintained or reduced. Especially our URR people who transport their goods through the river, just know that everything will increase because fuel has increased. The fare has increased and the bridge levy you are paying will increase. That will make living very difficult,” he said

The Ministry of Transport Works and Infrastructure, in a press release issued on January 16, 2023, has announced that there will be an increase in transport fares along official routes in the Gambia effective January 20, 2023.

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