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“They Didn’t Build Anything”-Bakary Badjie Says Previous Councils Accomplished More Than Talib

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Hon. Bakary Badjie, Minister Of Youth and Sports And Talib Ahmed Bensouda Lord Mayor Kanifing Municipal Council

By Buba Gagigo

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Hon. Bakary Badjie, who is preparing to contest against Talib Ahmed Bensouda in the upcoming Mayoral Election for the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) said the previous mayors accomplished more in KMC than Talib Ahmed Bensouda.

“The residents of Bundung know Charles Jaw and Charles Jaw was built by Lie Conteh. Also, when Yankuba Colley came, he built the High School Building. If you go to Abuko, there’s a market, Yankuba Colley is the one who built that Market. The Tallinding market was also built during Yankuba Colley’s time. The market behind Old Jeshwang prison, even this Latrikunka market was started by them,” he said.

Hon Badjie said When Serekunda market got burnt, it was Yankuba Colley who rebuilt it into a standard market, saying the previous councils had done stuff that is out there for all to see.

“Then we used to see tractors that collect garbage in our compounds, and we don’t pay anything. They now have vehicles, but you pay before they collect your garbage. And you are paying compound rate. The council should have collected it for free. The councilors used to give scholarships to students, but all that is not happening now. 

“We are in a social media era now, people can do small things, and they turn it into something big. But there is someone who did more than what you did, but there was no social media at the time, no one heard of it. This council did not build schools, they didn’t build hospitals, they didn’t build anything. There is nothing tangible that they did,” he said.

Honorable Bakary Badjie is currently the Minister of Youth and Sports.  He is currently preparing to leave that position to contest the Mayoral Election under the National People’s Party (NPP) ticket.

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