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“The results are in the open” MC Cham Jr Predicts Barrow Will Lose Next Presidential Election

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MC Cham JR. Business Councillor, KMC

By Buba Gagigo

MC Cham Jr, a staunch supporter of the United Democratic Party (UDP), has predicted that President Adam Barrow will lose the 2026 presidential election and advised him not to contest.

According to the Kanifing Municipal Council Business Councillor, President Barrow is being misled by his advisers.

“They are telling him that Gambians still love him because they follow him when he goes out. But he should be cautious; the recent mayoral election is a telling example. Despite the crowds, he didn’t win,” MC Cham said.

Regarding President Barrow’s current tour, the Business Councillor suggested that the responsibility should have been delegated to a minister or governors in the regions.

“I believe the minister should have conducted the tour. They could have allocated the funds to the minister or the governor to open these health centers. During these openings, we witnessed the corruption at EFSTH, where even water is scarce. Barrow should heed advice not from his current advisers, but from those who genuinely care. Many Gambians voted for him in 2016 because they felt President Jammeh overstayed his welcome after 22 years in power. Barrow had promised a two-term limit and a new constitution, but he seems to have abandoned these promises in pursuit of a third term. His advisers should encourage him to honor his two-term commitment; that would be his legacy,” MC Cham stated.

Cham also criticized the advisers surrounding President Barrow, noting that many were previously aligned with Yahya Jammeh and are motivated by personal gain.

“These same advisers now want Jammeh prosecuted. The upcoming election is between Barrow and the Gambians, who are facing hardships. The best advice for Barrow is not to seek a third term. Those praising him today are not sincere; they are driven by personal interests. Solo Sandeng and Lawyer Ousainou Darboe fought for term limits in the Gambia. Change is inevitable; look at Macky Sall in Senegal, who faced opposition to a third term. The entire continent supports term limits. If Barrow contests again, he won’t win because the results are evident,” Cham asserted.

In response, Ablie Cham, the National People’s Party Youth PRO, dismissed MC Cham Jr.’s prediction that President Barrow will lose the 2026 election as baseless and lacking faith in Allah.

“He (Allah) is the all knowing and the only one who can predict what will happen in the future. Therefore, his claim should not be taken with any seriousness. Let me remind everyone that the same Mc Cham made similar claims in 2021 but ended up swallowing his own words when the results were counted at the end of the day,” he said.

Ablie Cham also advised MC Cham Jr. to address what he called the ‘leadership crisis’ within the UDP before speculating on the 2026 election outcome.

“One thing is for sure: President Barrow is blowing the wind of change in this country, and every genuine Gambian can attest to this fact. Hate or like him, he is doing his best to transform the lives of people both in urban and rural communities, and that is what matters for now. It is time for nation-building and that is our priority,” he said.

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