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The launching of Citizens’ Alliance Party


The pubic is hereby invited to a press conference to learn about the new Citizens’ Alliance Party and its plans for the Gambian people.

Citizens’ Alliance – 11/27/2019 (Press Release) – Since gaining independence 54 years ago, and despite the country’s huge potentials, The Gambia is still a highly dependent and underdeveloped country with weak institutions and the majority of its citizens still live in destitution, despair, and indignity.

This unfortunate state of affairs is the result of a lack of an effective, efficient and visionary leadership that will initiate the needed reforms to reduce the country’s heavy reliance on foreign aid and grants, diversify the economy to spur economic growth and build strong and responsive institutions.

As a nation, we achieved so much together in 2016, but yet we remain socially, ethnically, and politically divided. The Citizens’ Alliance Party is about setting aside our differences as a country and taking up our similarities to build a stronger country for all Gambians.

Friday, November 29, 2019, the Citizens’ Alliance Party will be launched.

Citizens’ Alliance is a political party founded to respond to the country’s desperate need for new and effective political leadership that will focus on uniting our country, address our society’s many challenges and promote inclusivity, equity, and prosperity.

What: Citizens’ Alliance Party Launch

When: November 29, 2019

Where: Pench Mi Hall, Paradise Suite Hotel

Who should attend: All are invited

To learn more about Citizens’ Alliance, visit our website at; follow us on Facebook citizensalliance; on Twitter @ citizensalliance; and on Instagram @ citizensalliance. You can also email to


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