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Mama Kandeh Defends His Request To Meet President Barrow

Mama Kandeh
Gambia Democratic Congress leader 

By Buba Gagigo

The Secretary General and leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress party (GDC), Mama Kandeh has defended his request to meet President Adama Barrow.

 “It’s my right to request to see President Barrow,” he said in a latest audio on Tuesday; after confirming to King Fm on Monday his request to see the President; a move by the opposition leader that attracted a lot of public criticism.

“I think there are other things that Gambians should discuss and be busy about rather than Mama Kandeh’s request to see Barrow. I have never denied that President Barrow is the President. But until the next hundred years, if you asked me about the 2021 (Presidential) election, I will tell you it was not fair. My position remains the same, and I don’t see anything that can make me say the election was free and fair. 

“I cannot prevent President Barrow from being the President, but no one can change my belief that the election was not free and fair. It is my right to request for a meeting with Barrow, to grant the request depends on him. I am not fighting with Barrow, and I am not fighting with Darboe,” Kandeh said.

The GDC leader also said it is not the first time he requested to see the President, but said that doesn’t mean he is looking for a position in Barrow’s government, or he will remain quiet.

“I think Gambians don’t have anything to discuss. They want to do that small  bantaba thing. For me to request to see President Adama Barrow is not new for me. I have requested to see President Barrow not once, not twice. If I go to him, I discuss what I have to discuss with him and go home. 

“That doesn’t stop me from talking in the political arena when the time arises, and it doesn’t stop him too. They have invited me to attend the opening of the Lamin koto- Pasamas road, I remember announcing that at the radio and a lot of GDC supporters accompanied me. Not long ago, too, they invited me to attend the independence celebration,” he continued.

Kandeh also said he is not at war with anyone; and sees nothing wrong in requesting to see the President.

“What I want to tell the GDC party supporters is that, if anyone of you doesn’t know me in politics, then you will never know me. I am not fighting. I said no, I will not form enmity with anyone. If it’s time to talk, I will talk. I told Gambians, politics is not taking a knife and slaughtering people. Politics is not about insults. Politics is not about severing ties with relatives. Politics, is not about severing ties neighbours. We at GDC, what we know about politics is unity and development. Politics, to say I am not in the same party with him, we should not talk, is not true. 

“I don’t do that kind of politics, and no one can push me into it. If I was the President, I expect other Gambians to visit me. Then, to request to see President Adama Barrow doesn’t mean I am looking for a job. That will be too easy then. What I want to say is that Barrow is a Gambian, and I am a Gambian. He is the President and I have something to discuss with him. And I think the right way is to call his attention that I want to see him. Does that warrant a topic of discussion?” he concluded.

Mama Kandeh is the Secretary General and leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress  party (GDC). He was part of the opposition who rejected the 2021 Presidential election results and refused to recognise the victory of President Barrow and alleged that the polls were “not free and fair”.

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