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Ahmed Gitteh Confirms To Run For BAC Chairmanship Under NPP Ticket


By Buba Gagigo

A staunch supporter of the National People’s Party (NPP), Ahmed Gitteh, has confirmed his interest to contest for the Chairmanship of Brikama Area Council (BAC).

He intends to contest as the candidate for the National People’s Party (NPP) in the 2023 local government elections.

“Some asked whether I would contest under an NPP ticket or as an independent candidate, my answer is, we founded the National People’s Party. I have always said this, if Barrow was the Prophet (Muhammad PBUH), I would have been Abubacarr or Omar or Ousman or Alieu (companions of Prophet Muhammad PBUH). If Barrow was an Imam, I should be in the first row in the mosque. That is clear to every Gambian. Some of the questions are rhetorical questions, but to answer the question, yes I will contest under the NPP ticket,” he said.

The current chairman occupying the position is also a supporter of the NPP, but Gitteh believes he deserves to be selected.

“Some asked if I would contest and Sheriffo Sonko will also contest under NPP ticket, I don’t know whether Sheriffo will contest, but what I know is there is no party in this country with people with senses that will have Ahmed Gitteh say ‘I want to contest at these positions’, and they refuse. So NPP is my party, I am not contesting as an independent candidate,” Gitteh said.

The NPP strong man also called on all his supporters to extend his intentions to all the voters and residents of the West Coast Region.

“I have come to inform you about my intentions to contest the chairmanship position of Brikama Area Council. Many people are asking whether I will qualify because I am not in the country. To answer them, I checked that well with my lawyers and yes, I can contest. Some asked whether I am educated, I will answer that in the future but by listening to someone you will be able to know whether he is educated or not,” Gitteh added.

Ahmed Gitteh is a staunch supporter of the National People’s Party (NPP) and helped in the campaign that resulted in President Adama Barrow’s re-election in December 2021.

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