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Teacher’s Sit-down Strike: MC Cham Jr Calls On Gov’t To Settle Teacher’s Allowances 

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MC Cham Jr., GDC National Campaign Manager

By Buba Gagigo

The National Campaign Manager of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), MC Cham Jr., has called on the government of the Gambia to promptly settle the teacher’s allowances.

“As a nation, there is a serious need to revisit our remuneration policies and not limit them to only the Legislature and the Judiciary. The bone of contention for the teachers here is their unpaid allowances. But for a country that can buy cars worth millions of dalasis for its Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Majority and Minority Leaders and promise to give mobility to all the other NAMs and also buy even more expensive ones for the members of Executive and Judiciary arms, should be ashamed of itself that those who educate its future leaders are fighting for their meager allowances. I call on the government to promptly settle these allowances because our kids don’t deserve to lose a single contact hour,” he said.

He said Key indicators of a failing state are poor Teaching and Health conditions;

“In the past, we have seen nurses and doctors going on strike and this is not the first time teachers go on a sit-down strike for very similar reasons and it has to do with their unpaid allowances,” he concluded.

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