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Social security ‘contributors’ frown at ‘gov’t interference’

Country’s security chiefs at the institution’s headquarters after a lock-down by protesting staff

By Mustapha Darboe

A number of Contributors of the Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation have issued a resolution on Saturday asking government to respect the Board’s decision on the institution’s crisis.

Social Security has been dealing with conflicts between its managing director Mohammed and 271 of its staff for six months.

The board of the institution which sat over the issue in July suggested sacking Momodou Camara, the staff representative at the board and five other staff.

Only one member of the board, aside from Camara himself, disagreed with the decision to fire Camara thus the decision was to retain Manjang.

But the staff have also raised a number of allegations against Manjang, issues that are currently a subject of an inquiry by an independent panel established by government.

But while both Manjang and Camara spends their one month suspension at home awaiting the outcome of an inquiry, some pensioners and active workers met at Tango and made a resolution that the decision of the board should be respected by Government.

“No Government interference will be accepted. We stand by the board’s position. No need for an independent panel, the board’s resolutions must be respected by all. We asked the board to communicate these points to the government,” they stated.

The group scheduled another meeting for Saturday 8th September 2018, to hear from the board on the feedback from government.

Meanwhile, the pensioners’ representative at the board Geoffrey Renner is in support of the suspension of Manjang and the investigation panel established by President Adama Barrow.

The group consist of both active workers and pensioners.


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