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‘Sickle Cell Month’ To Be Commemorated In Gambia

The Gambia Sickle Cell Association (GSCA)

By Buba Gagigo

 The Gambia Sickle Cell Association (GSCA) would commemorate ‘Sickle Cell Awareness Month’ starting 3rd September.

 Speaking to this medium in an exclusive, Mr Alieu Sambou, President of the association said the maiden event would kick-off on Saturday in the form of a symposium at the American corner, Kairaba Avenue.

 He said his association didn’t celebrate 19th June this year, as it is a day dedicated to Sickle cell disease due to so many deaths within the executive membership.

 “Therefore, as September is Sickle cell awareness month, we are taking the opportunity to raise awareness. This will be the first time since our inception to hold an awareness programme at the Sickle cell village in Tankularr-Keneba, Kiang West,” Mr. Sambou said.

 He continued that GSCA was formed in August 2007 and has since signed a lot of agreements with partners such as MoBSE, GT Bank, MoH, Ministry of Environment, Red Cross, Africa Sickle Cell foundation, amongst others.

 “Since inception,GSCAreached out to people with Sickle cell, creating awareness, providing moral and financial support where possible particularly when members are in the hospital,”GSCA President said.

 Sambou said they have some working partnership with MoBSE using schools as SCD reading materials to schools, adding that they initiated a working relationship with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change to promote green communities.

 “Extensive awareness creation in schools in Region 1 and 2, mass media campaigns in radios, including community radios in Region 1 and 2, using English and local languages,” he stated.

TheGSCAleader continued to say that they have partnered with a lot of NGOs and agencies in the previous years, and would like to show appreciation to all, especially Novartis who made Hydroxyl more accessible.

 He said their partner, GT Bank is the main sponsor of World Sickle Cell Day celebrated from  19th June in 2019 to date, and the association is honoured to also partner with almost all the media houses within the Greater Banjul Area.

 People with Sickle Cell Disease produce unusually shaped red blood cells that can cause problems because they do not live as long as healthy blood cells and can block vessels. The disease is a serious and lifelong health condition, although treatments can help manage many of the symptoms.

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