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Seedy Ceesay Responds To Critics Who Say He Is Not A Member Of NPP 

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Seedy Ceesay, NPP Candidate for BAC Chairmanship 

By Fatou Sillah 

Seedy Ceesay, the National People’s Party (NPP) Candidate for the Brikama Area Council Chairman, has responded to critics who said he is not a member of the NPP, saying; a political party is like a vehicle.

“People have said they have not seen me on the NPP platform, but a political party is like a vehicle, the driver sitting at the wheel is moving the vehicle but there are so many components that are part of that vehicle for the vehicle to move. So when you have a political party, you have so many players in that. Some will seat at home, some will use their resources and some will use their ideas, as far as I am concerned, we have played our part as far as NPP is concerned 

“We have supported NPP, We sympathize with them, we help them with what we can give them at the time. It is time for us to come and participate in nation building. Many people have seen me on a platform called Kachaa Dula. I have discussed with everybody in this country, from the president to the last person,” he said. 

Mr Ceesay further stated that he understands and saw the problems of the West Coast Region; 

“I understand the problems. I have seen the problems. I think it is enough with talking, I just want to go hands on to do the job. We want to transform the West Coast into a modern city, to a modern region. I call the West Coast as a Silicon Valley of the Gambia. Everything that you talk of been resources is on the West Coast, so why should we on the west coast be poor, why should we be unemployed,” He stated 

Seedy also encourages young people to be disciplined 

“We encourage our young ones to be disciplined. The testimonies that were given here have showcased who I am. What we wanted to do from here is to talk to the people, explain to them our programs and what we want to do as far as the West Coast is concerned,” He Said. 

The National People’s Candidate made these remarks during his introductory visit to meet the elders of Brufut at a meeting held at the Residence of the Alkalo.

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