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President Barrow Asserts That Any Civil Servant Claiming To Be Apolitical Is Aligned With The Opposition

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President Adama Barrow speaking in Basse Mansajang.

By Fatou Sillah

President Barrow asserted during a joint meeting in Basse Mansajang with constituents from Jimara, Basse, Tumana, and Kantora in the Upper River Region that any civil servant claiming to be apolitical is aligned with the opposition.

Addressing the crowd, he emphasized, “Many government officials claim to be apolitical, but that’s not true; they are affiliated with other political parties. If you visit their offices, and they assert neutrality, note their names; they are part of the opposition. We know and recognize these individuals, and we are monitoring them closely.”

President Barrow described the Ministry of Public Service as their new strategy to purge undesirable elements from the government. He compared these civil servants to insects infiltrating a bag of groundnuts, stating, that the Public Service Ministry is his poison to deal with such individuals.

“These individuals are comparable to insects infiltrating a bag of groundnuts. To address them effectively, you need to introduce a deterrent, much like adding poison to the bag. In this analogy, the public service ministry serves as the poison to handle these individuals,” The president said.

Expressing his lack of regret for establishing the Ministry of Public Service, he explained, “Although the president technically oversees the position, the workload is extensive. We acknowledged the need for reforms, and today, we stand firm in our decision to create the Ministry of Public Service.”

Assuring support for the ministry, he addressed the minister, saying, “We will back you because people work for The Gambia, not just for President Barrow. Work diligently for the country. If you start at 10 a.m. while I begin at 8 a.m., no matter how busy you are, remember, I am busier. Neglecting your duties until 10 a.m. is a betrayal to the country, not to President Barrow. We are moving forward, unwavering, and nothing will set us back.”

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